Backlog - Project Shop Truck

When I first got into this hobby 6 years ago the coolest body that I could find was the Silverado SS Intimidator. Everyone was selling them for crazy money and they were one of the only “real” looking hardbodies out there. Well... this summer I was finally lucky enough to snag one at a reasonable price. It was missing the mirrors and had a few scratches, but with what I had planned that was no big deal. 


after purchasing the truck I did what any sensible Rc enthusiast would do and immediately hacked it apart. I cut off the hood and the doors and began the long drawn out process of figuring out how to replace them.  




in the process of hacking everything apart I began to search for a suitable drivetrain for the build. After a fair amount of looking around I purchased a Yeti Jr and b fan tearing it apart to make it fit the build.  



Next I spent an evening modifying the motor to fit. 



Other than some rear axle mock up this is all the further that I have gotten. This build still has a really long way to go. Look for more in the future.  

Adam VanOrd