The Start of a TTC Buildoff Rig

We are planning to begin our blog posts with a BANG. Earlier this fall a TTC buildoff was announced by RCEC and Trevor Rushford. This seemed like and awesome opportunity to showcase some scale building skills with the best in the business. VanOrd Customs teamed up with Jamie Young of Precision RC Works and Dlinks. A truck was selected and it was time to get to work. 


Hoby Hulberts Willy’s from the 2008 TTC in Holister Hills.  

Hoby Hulberts Willy’s from the 2008 TTC in Holister Hills.  

We posted up our intent to build this rig and quickly were contacted by Hoby.  He was excited to see we were planning on tackling his truck and even sent some additional reference shots. Here are all the pics of this truck that I currently have. 




Gettin it in the frame twister. 






Engine bay


Driving it like it’s stolen. 

The plush interior.  

The plush interior.  

Unfortunately this truck was lost forever along with Hoby’s home in a 2008 California wild fire.

What was left after the fire.  

What was left after the fire.  


Next we were off to work sourcing parts for the project. RC4WD Blackwell axles were in short supply and a must for this project. Along with the Scale v8 and transfer case. After they were sourced Jamie mocked everything up and sent it my way. 



Next comes my contribution to the build. I am planning to scratch build the body from wood. In fact I am planning to build at least two of the exact same bodies.  (Maybe 3)  So far my progress looks like this.  



I plan to attempt to blog and possibly video log this entire body build if at all possible. So, I guess all that is left is for me to get started. Stay tuned. 

Adam VanOrd