Copy of State

Copy of State

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With this purchase you will be receiving 1 VanOrd Customs 1/10 scale license plate in the state pictured.  Make sure to fill in the custom text field to receive your desired text.  VanOrd Customs' plates are made from a high quality outdoor vinyl placed on .040 aluminum substrate.  Additionally each plate is sprayed with a UV coating providing exceptional water proofing and scratch resistance.  Scale license plates are a made to order product and will require a 1-2 week lead time for production.

SPECIAL NOTE: To avoid lettering being covered by the background image on this plate you cannot exceed 4 characters.  I will print up to 7, but more than 4 will result in a plate that is difficult to read.

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All scale plates are currently generated utilizing free online software at  We would like to thank ACME Laboratories for providing such an awesome tool.