What is this and why should I care?

Welcome to iBlog. I have reserved this section of my website to talk specifically about my new hobby within my hobby.  Specifically, iPhone photography and videography. Before you stop reading and never come back, take a second and think about how often you use your cellular phone. We all have them, they reside in our pockets and are an integral part of our daily lives. If you are in the Scale RC hobby I am guessing that you use your phone for social media, build photos, videos, and a host of other applications. 

My purpose of this blog is to share with you all my trials and tribulations of utilizing my personal cell phone (iphone7) in an attempt to take absolutely stunning photos and videos.  You see, I just recently learned that taking highly detailed photography and 4K video was even a possibility on my phone. From there it has just all snowballed out of control.  

This all started as a result of two things. 1) A longing for high quality images for this website. 2) A desire to set myself apart and improve my videography for Live@9:45. I never meant to dive this deeply into cell phone photography and videography. It has just kind of evolved over time. 

First off, let me say that no matter what level of camera you use, lens you take advantage of, or application you edit in, you still need to have an eye for photography and videography.  Otherwise your pictures will still be lacking something important. You may be guessing that this is where I go off on a tangent about learning the basics of photography. However, that is not the case. I will tell you that my photos and videos have gotten better over time.  Not because I know a single thing about either medium, but because I started looking at what other people do and began emulating them.  I have zero formal training of any kind and haven’t even read the basics of photography off of the web.  I would probably do a much better job if I had and maybe someday I will.  For now I am just winging it.  

If you are still reading this you now know where this blog is headed. It will be a chronicle of my efforts to use my iPhone 7 to take photography and videography.  I currently have no plan on upgrading phones or upgrading to a camera. I am attempting to take what I can do with my phone to the highest limit possible.  Although a vast majority of my photos and discussion inside of this blog will be centered around RC I will be sprinkling in pictures of all sorts of things as well. Here are some older, unedited pictures that I took with my phone over the past year. 



One of the first ever Trivan pictures.  


My dads Rat Rod truck before last comp season.  

The sky the morning I left for ECSC last August.  

The sky the morning I left for ECSC last August.  

Lastly, just as a teaser to where I am at as of now here is a picture that I took this afternoon using my macro lens and edited in Lightroom.  

Adam VanOrd